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Pure Aromachology was created in 2011 and designed with the purpose to help clients self-nurture, enhance their beauty and regain balance, through the use of organic oils and pure fragrance.  The focus of the range is making time for self and using nature's finest oil ingredients and fragrance for self nurturing, beauty and healing. The inspiration for the range is centred in vibrational or energy medicine, which promotes the use of natural therapies such as aroma, sound, colour, light, art and body energywork, to stimulate the senses in order to re-balance mind, body and spirit. The aesthetics of beauty in form and content is an underlying theme.




The range combines colour, aligned to the chakras of the body, and the fragrance of pure essential oils to stimulate and balance the senses. Each blend is individually hand created using the finest organic ingredients. Most of our oils are food grade soil association certified.


Keynotes of the range  include






Abundance and


Loving Care



Pure Aromachology products are hand blended in London, UK. Throughout the year we create limited edition blends which are available to our member clients only.  We ship domestically and internationally.


Be Inspired. Beautified. Healed is the mission of Pure Aromachology.


For news,  information on limited edition offers and promotion and free samples, join our Pure Aromachology Club.


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